Intelligent IP Access Controller

High availability and reliability for your access control system

Every Access Control System from Access Control UK is built around a versatile and reliable Intelligent IP Access Controller. The unit can be configured in many different arrangements, controlling a smaller number of doors at first and then more at a later date as need and/or budget permits.

Key features include:

Multiple Inputs/Outputs – the unit controls up to 8 smart card readers (four doors). 16 inputs are available for door or anti-tamper sensors, push buttons or alarm inputs and  
8 outputs are available for various door locks or alarms.

Storage – each Intelligent IP Access Controller can retain information of up to 30,000 cardholders. Each device also stores 200,000 records of the most recent access events.

Communications – the Intelligent IP Access Controller uses its integral Ethernet 10/100Mbs connection to send access control updates or alert notifications in real time to the WinAC.NET software to provide real-time reporting capabilities.

Supported card formats include EM, HID Prox™, MiFare™, DesFire™ and HID iClass™.

Alarm connectivity – the Intelligent IP Access Controller can be connected to both Fire and Inhibitor alarm systems. In the event of a fire, fail-safe doors will be opened immediately; fail secure doors will remain locked. Access controllers are assigned to alarm or fire zones; all units within the same zone respond to the alarm whilst other zones are unaffected. If an inhibitor alarm is activated, all doors are locked until deactivation. However, designated cardholders with special permissions can gain access during an inhibitor alarm lock-down.

Intruder alarm – the Intelligent IP Door Controller can be used to arm an existing intruder alarm. Entry of a PIN combination by a designated cardholder at an arming control panel will lock all access points and arm the intruder alarm system. On intruder alarm activation, access is inhibited to everyone apart from designated cardholders.

Biometric verification & identification – biometric readers are available where high security areas demand irrefutable proof of a person’s identity. Facial recognition can be used as an alternative form of biometric verification or identification. Depending upon the security rules in place, cardholder authentication can be based upon a verified fingerprint/facial reading, scanning of a valid card and entry of a correct PIN code or any combination of all 3 factors.

Chip and PIN support – card types that offer information storage, such as HID iClassTM, can make use of PIN code authentication. In this scenario, cardholders present their card and then enter a PIN code. The PIN is then verified against the code written to the card’s memory. Matched codes and cards, grant access. Cardholders who fail to enter the correct PIN have their account locked after a configured number of attempts. The PIN is unique to each user.

Internal battery backup – access control operation is maintained during any short-term power outages by means of the Intelligent IP Door Controller’s internal battery. Application displays and alert notifications inform system users of the battery condition and remaining power.