Access Control a Must for Food Packaging Hub

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A new sustainable food packaging hub is being established in Broughton thanks to a £2m financial investment from the Welsh Government, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre Cymru (AMRC Cymru) has secured the Business, Innovation and Tourism Escalator Scheme (BITES) funding to develop a technology demonstrator, specifically for the Welsh food and drink sector that is designed to accelerate the adoption of waste-reducing eco-innovations.

The £2m funding will be used for prototyping production processes and equipment infrastructure that supports the progress of new designs, materials and processes.

Bobby Manesh, AMRC Cymru’s food and drink technical lead, said: “These technologies are widely used in other industries but don’t really exist within food and drink.

“There are new challenges for us as food and drink packaging companies work in a high-speed, low-cost environment, so the demonstrator will display how they can be implemented in a different manufacturing set up.

“The hub will have a central demonstrator based on a conveyor system which will be linked together with collaborative robots, AGVs and our own engineers wearing exoskeletons.

“Everything will be visualised and tracked through cameras so we will have a digital twin of the process that can be viewed on a screen in real time.”

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