Access Control for Small Spaces – A Soaring Trend in Physical Security

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A traditional lock and key to control access to the entrance and exit of a facility simply isn’t enough anymore in today’s highly-digitized world, and more flexible solutions for staffing arrangements of shift workers or contractors, shared workspaces and lean budgets have to be found and deployed.

More than ever, unmanned infrastructure is being tasked with protecting assets and network access points from physical and cyberattacks. Integrated electronic access control solutions are adapting to meet all of these changing needs.

Access to small interior spaces demands creative new solutions that are cost-effective and easy to use. In many facilities, cabinet locks are used to secure materials that multiple shifts of employees must access. This makes mechanical keys cumbersome for facilities to manage—more so when managing mechanical locks and keys for multiple sites.

Package delivery and data security aren’t going away any time soon, and the need to secure supplies and equipment in shared facilities will continue to grow.

That’s why facilities in a range of industries should explore the latest access control options for small spaces, which can improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve convenience for the people who use them.

Access Control Wales – Expert Suppliers of Integrated Access Control Systems

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