Access control hardware contributes to effective fire safety at the workplace

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South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Access Control hardware scanners fire safety at the workplaceSouth Wales crews had to neutralise a potential hazard when a gas cylinder was discovered amongst a fire. South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said the fire crew was called to the scene, south of Pontypridd Golf Club, between Rhydfelin and Abertridwr in Caerphilly county, and began hosing down the cylinder in order to stop it blowing up. A spokeswoman said: "We left it to cool overnight and are going back this morning to assess it."

Access Control Wales provides easy to use Access Control hardware including scanners that contribute to effective fire safety at the workplace. Our access controllers can be networked together to create a powerful computer controlled security infrastructure. The T3510 access control scanner has a volt-free input that can be wired directly into your fire alarm system. When the alarm is activated, all doors immediately open for a quick and safe evacuation of personnel. Simultaneously, a Fire Roll Call report is printed on a remote, secure serial printer.

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