Access control systems can play a significant role in any emergency evacuation

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A building’s physical security systems will play a vital role whenever a fire or other emergency occurs in a building or facility, including here access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection. And the way in which these systems work together can help ensure a safe and orderly evacuation and response, experts have argued.

Integrating security systems like access control, mass communication systems and video surveillance can not only streamline emergency evacuations through automation, but directly influence positive outcomes in the event of a fire or lockdown.

Integrations can improve any building’s lockdown evacuation; the minute a life safety alarm is activated, video surveillance cameras can send visual information directly to local police to optimise their response. Simultaneously, access controls can activate to lockdown the area of the building containing the threat, while communication systems send evacuation instructions via text. Because these three security systems were integrated, people on the premises can be quickly evacuated in an orderly fashion.  

Access Control Wales – Expert suppliers of venue-wide security and access control solutions

If your company is concerned about securing your premises then Access Control Wales has many answers. Movement monitoring can be combined in one of our access control systems so any illegal activity can be identified and acted upon.

A host of digital CCTV cameras can be viewed from one PC monitor. Many cameras can be added to your CCTV installation to ensure that your needs are met. We use a range of devices and accessories from top manufacturers and can uniquely customise your CCTV system.

With our Access Control Software you can be assured that you will receive a simple to use, highly secure way of controlling access to areas or buildings, as well as monitoring who is present 24 hours a day.

Additional features are available for the WinAC.NET Business/Enterprise editions which can be implemented on your access control system to take into account diversity with access rules between individual organisations.

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