Access Control Systems Should be a Critical Component in Any Organizations’ Personnel Security Policy

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Remote working and the furloughing of staff caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are leaving employees without the usual support mechanisms from their workplace, hence increasing the numerous security threats organisations and businesses face every day.

These threats are likely to grow, the more extended the pandemic control measures, and one of the most insidious and perhaps challenging to mitigate is an attack from within carried out by an organisation’s people or former people; employees, contractors, consultants, even volunteers. To address this inherent weakness in security requires a clear understanding of the threat and investment in robust mitigation policies, procedures and systems.

Putting in place a robust personnel security policy is therefore a must for every organization that takes security seriously, and access control is a vital component used for enforcing such a policy. In fact, where applicable, it is highly recommended to implement an access control system or procedure to limit/permit access to physical (buildings) and electronic assets.

Furthermore, the electronic access control system should be able to easily control who, what, when and where moves around a facility and use assets to provide real-time monitoring and alerts to breaches. Video surveillance can supplement this to provide an additional security layer.

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