Access Control Wales – Experts in Deploying Access Control Solutions for Manufacturing Plants

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A new access control system is certainly something to be considered whenever an organization opens a new manufacturing plant in a new location. And that’s been exactly the case with global sealing solutions specialist Flexitallic UK, who are expanding their operations in Wales and the South West with the opening of new premises.

According to a news report in the local media, Flexitallic has relocated to a 3,500 square foot premises in Bridgend, creating its first manufacturing facility in the region, as well as expanding its stockholding, as it continues to grow its support for industrial customers in the South West.

As a result of the expansion, Flexitallic has created dedicated gasket cutting and winding facilities to provide customers with a more responsive and efficient same-day service.  This capability is supported by a distribution service covering the South West region.

Having built a presence in the market since it opened its original branch in the area five years ago, Flexitallic has expanded its customer base for its range of industrial gaskets and sealing material solutions, which has led to the requirement for larger premises.

Part of the global Flexitallic Group, the West Yorkshire-headquartered company has a network of UK branches in industry-focused locations such as Aberdeen, Teesside and Merseyside.

The branches act as the distribution arm for the Flexitallic portfolio of specialised sealing products including its range of gaskets designed and manufactured to meet the requirements and safety-focused operations of sectors including oil and gas, power generation and petrochemical.

Access Control Wales – Experts in Deploying Access Control Solutions for Manufacturing Plants

There are many reasons to have physical access control on entrances and exits to your factory. Obviously the most important is to make the factory a more difficult target for burglars. 

With a contactless smartcard-activated door lock, there are no chains or wire to cut and nothing to pick. Without the correct smart-card, would-be thieves would have to try to brute-force the door open, which is likely to trigger an alarm. 

We even have a function to account for the chance of someone forcing an employee to open the door for them: an entry under duress code which triggers a silent alarm sent to system administrators. 

All this and much more can be organised using the WinAC.NET flagship software from Access Control Wales.

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