Access patterns dictate which sites areas a person can enter at different times of the day

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North Wales Police petrol station robbed computerised smart card operated access control systemNorth Wales Police are still following up after an incident when the Ewloe petrol station was robbed in Holywell Road, Flintshire. The criminals targeted the site about 1850 BST on Monday, May 30. The incident was high risk for little reward as only a minor amount of money was taken. Four people have been swiftly arrested after the raid. Anyone with information is asked to call 0845 6071001 (Welsh language), or 0845 6071002 (English).

A computerised smart card operated access control system is available from Access Control Wales to increase security at offices, factories and depots. An individual’s security profile is based upon their access group. People are assigned to an access group, either unique to them or common to their department or status. Access groups consist of separate rules for each day of the week, public holidays and shutdown days. These separate daily rules are known as access patterns. Access patterns dictate which areas a person can access at different times throughout the day.

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