Access scanner modem supplies security at a remote geographical location

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judge at Caernarfon riots Access Control Wales hardware computer controlled security infrastructure onsite access scanner doorsA judge at Caernarfon has questioned the reduced harshness of sentences given out to two Welsh men following last month’s riots in England. Merfyn Hughes commented after charges against two Wrexham teenagers held in custody for six weeks were reduced. Caergwle duo Thomas Hughes and Jack Johnston Lewis were originally charged with encouraging a riot last month and Judge Hughes remanded both teenagers in custody. However on Friday, the two pleaded guilty to a lesser offence, brought under the Communications Act.

Access Control Wales supplies easy to use Access Control hardware which will enable your firm to create a powerful computer controlled security infrastructure onsite. The T3510 access scanner can be configured in many different arrangements, controlling a smaller number of doors at first and then more at a later date as the need of your organisation and/or its budget permits. The modem facility within the T3510 provides a simple system at a remote geographical location where there is only power and a phone line.

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