Access scanners networked for computer controlled building security infrastructure

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fall in crime North Wales Police Criminal damage Access Scanners door entry hardware Access Control Wales powerful computer controlled security infrastructure business A six per cent fall in crime was recorded by North Wales Police (NWP). Since April 2012 the force’s own performance figures show that as well as overall crime dropping, there were steady reductions across a range of offences. The latest NWP stats show the number of non-domestic burglaries is down by 13.1 per cent while domestic burglaries are down by 7.9 per cent. Criminal damage and arson figures decreased by 10.1% and robberies are down by 4.5%.

Access Scanners are easy to use door entry hardware available from Access Control Wales. Our Access controllers can be networked together to create a powerful computer controlled security infrastructure at your building. The T3510 can be configured in many different arrangements, controlling a smaller number of doors at first and then more at a later date as need and/or business budgets permit. As the security network increases and requires more control points, further T3510s are installed, working side by side within the same network.

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