Automatic barriers can be controlled from reception or site entrance

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Cardiff City dangerous parkingA councillor has criticised “life-threatening” parking which takes place when Cardiff City are at home. Ramesh Patel said he found dangerous parking on corners and junctions while walking around his Canton ward, which is a popular parking spot on Saturdays when the Bluebirds play at the Cardiff City Stadium. He said: “It is dangerous to the extent that it is putting people’s lives at risk. I am getting more and more of my constituents contacting me about it.”

With our Access Control Wales software you can be assured that you will receive a simple to use, highly secure way of controlling access to areas or buildings, as well as monitoring who is present 24 hours a day. Controlling access to your parking facilities is also simple with our automaticbarriers, which are easily combined with the indoor access control network. The barriers can be controlled from reception or from a guard hut at the site entrance, and deny access to unauthorised vehicles while permitting entry for staff members via their contactless smart cards.

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