Automatic skirt can also be fitted to most manual security car park barriers

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Rhondda butcher thieves raided Llwyncelyn Industrial Estate Access Control Wales security products exterior gate devices Barrier skirts deterrent automatic car park barriersStaff arrived on Monday (December 19) morning at a Rhondda butcher to find all the chiller cabinets were bare after callous thieves raided it. Butcher Nick Critcher was the first to arrive at the Llwyncelyn Industrial Estate and could immediately tell something was wrong. He said: “I got up at 4.30 and started early and as I drove in, before I opened the gate, I noticed the roller shutter gate was up. As soon as I opened it I knew.”

Access Control Wales can ensure thieves do not spoil your company’s Christmas with a wide range of security products. We can prevent people gaining access to the exterior of your property via our gate and barrier devices. Barrier skirts offer the flexibility of a rising arm automatic barrier and the deterrent of a gate, but at a much lower cost. Not only suitable for automatic car park barriers, your barrier skirt can also be fitted to most manual barriers of varying boom lengths.

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