Biometric dermal fingerprint checking can be added to site access equipment

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front line police officers Welsh minister Carl Sargeant Rising crime levels biometric scanner high security dermal fingerprint checking Access Control Wales outdoor and indoor site clocking station retro-fitted Plans to cut the number of front line police officers could have a “serious and adverse impact” on public safety, said a Welsh minister. Carl Sargeant issued his warning after a report found Wales’ forces plan to axe more than 600 posts by March 2015. He added: “It is not possible to make cuts of this magnitude to the policing budget without affecting the number of frontline officers.” Rising crime levels in north Wales were already causes for concern, official inspectors found.

A biometric scanner adds high security, dermal fingerprint checking to your access control system from Access Control Wales. The fingerprint reading technology can be added to equipment at both outdoor and indoor parts of your site. Mounted alongside your clocking station, the T3400 can be installed with a new system or retro-fitted to your existing clocking stations. The scanner has a high quality gloss finish, impact-resistant casing and illumination for accurate finger placement. Optional extras include smart card scanning.

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