Building security network hooks up to alarms and locks

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Newport Crown Court robbed give up wallet Access Control Wales building security network hooters door locks release buttons scanners lock automatically on burglar alarms Employees individual Access Control profileNewport Crown Court heard how a man was robbed and hurt in a Caldicot pub toilet. Clifford Lewis was shoved against a wall as he was using a urinal at the Good Measure pub, in Caldicot, on June 3 this year, after he refused to give up his wallet. Mr Lewis fought back against his attacker and during the melee a sink was smashed, but he had to eventually relinquish his wallet as he lay on the floor defenceless.

A range of equipment, devices and releases can be connected to an Access Control Wales building security network, which can be operated through your access control software, including: alarms and hooters, door locks and door release buttons, and scanners. The software can configure doors to open automatically on fire alarms and lock automatically on burglar alarms. Employees have an individual Access Control profile, customised to suit your particular site, which can be varied minute-by-minute. Access can be limited or granted to certain employees.

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