Business ID card systems come complete with upgradable software

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annual Crime Survey for England and Wales Access Control Wales Visitor Monitoring ID Card Systems business firm modified upgradable softwareRecorded crime in Wales has fallen between 2003 and 2012. As at March 31, 2003 the total incidents logged in Wales were 294,780 – by June 30, 2012 this had decreased to 186,624. An official spokesman said that these stats mean you have the lowest chance of being a victim of crime since the annual Crime Survey for England and Wales started in 1981. There was a six per cent decrease in overall crime against adults compared to the previous year.

Access Control Wales can aid your firm in keeping crime on a downward trend with our Visitor Monitoring and ID Card Systems. Access Control Wales have put together a range of options for bundled ID card systems, guaranteed to suit your business requirements. All of our ID card systems can be modified, to your particular specifications. We have three ID card systems available, all of which come complete with upgradable software, enabling your system to grow as your needs change.

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