Businesses can start printing own ID badges to meet security demands

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North Wales Police Access Control security demands of businesses bundled ID card systems printing ID badgesNorth Wales Police have ended a recruitment freeze by calling for more than 175 posts. The force is to take on 72 probationary constables and 106 police community support officers (PCSOs). The PCSO positions will be funded by the Welsh government. The recruitment window for probationary constables opened on November 21 and will close next Monday, (December 5, 2011). The North Wales Police Authority will discuss the update on recruitment at a meeting tomorrow (Thursday).

Access Control Wales can meet the security demands of businesses in a number of ways. Due to the increasing demand for bundled ID card systems, we have put together a range of options, guaranteed to suit your requirements. We have three ID card systems available, all of which come with upgradable software, enabling your system to grow as your requirements change. The Small Business ID Card System can cope with a high level of throughput. Complete with a mid-range, single-sided Magicard printer, you can start printing ID badges straight away.

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