CCTV software enables business building to be monitored when staff are offsite

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Facebook Jones riot Bangor Clwyd West AM Darren Millar Access Control Wales alarm messages forced entry at business CCTV softwareAn Assembly Member said he believed Caernarfon magistrates should have been tougher on a Bangor man who incited people to riot on Facebook. Clwyd West AM Darren Millar said: "The public will want to see individuals made examples of" in the case of David Glyn Jones, who was convicted by Caernarfon magistrates after admitting a charge under the Communications Act. Mr Millar added: "I’m disappointed that he only got four months. I do think the public context overrides other concerns.”

Easy to use software from Access Control Wales, called WinACnet, creates alarm messages when predetermined actions take place or if a forced entry occurs at your business building or depot. These alarms are immediately emailed to a specified address. Sophisticated CCTV software can be added for extra security. The CCTV software enables ‘live’ footage to be viewed remotely from any or all connected CCTV cameras as events happen and without degradation of video quality, allowing you to monitor your premises when offsite.

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