Company doors can be configured to lock on burglar alarms

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Cardiff arrested Wood Street bridge the Millennium Stadium Access Lite Access Control Wales Windows™ based products door and registration point control magnetic door releases lock on burglar alarmsA collision between a vehicle and eight men in Cardiff has resulted in a man being arrested last night (Tuesday), said police. A man remains in hospital with burns following the incident on Wood Street bridge at around 19:00 BST. All eight men, who were pedestrians near the Millennium Stadium, were taken to hospital for treatment. The men are all from Cardiff; and the man who is still in hospital is aged 35 and is from the Grangetown area.

Access Lite is the latest in Access Control Wales’s proven range of Windows™ based products, from simple door and registration point control, through to a fully computerised global networked Access Control System.  With Access Lite and the Tensor T149x scanners, you can control most standard types of internal and external electronic, magnetic door releases and devices, making full use of location points, whether in full view or hidden, providing access even in the most adverse conditions. Doors can be configured to lock on burglar alarms.

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