Computer powered security infrastructure controls door entry

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numbers of police officers Wales fallen Gwent Dyfed-Powys crime Access Control controllers powerful computer controlled security infrastructure doors Visitor Monitoring Digital Surveillance The numbers of police officers in Wales have fallen to their lowest level in nine years. Home Office figures note that in South Wales, the total number of cops was down 6.2 per cent to 2,907, while in North Wales ‘bobbies’ decreased 4.9% to 1,454. Gwent saw numbers go down 3.7% to 1,446 and Dyfed-Powys by 2.3% to 1,131. Policing and Criminal Justice Minister Nick Herbert said the reductions were a result of “necessary savings” as part of the deficit cut programme.

Welsh firms concerned about the impact of falling police numbers on local crime can adopt Access Control Wales’ easy to use Access Control Hardware. Our access controllers can be networked together to create a powerful computer controlled security infrastructure. The T3510 can be configured in many different arrangements, controlling a smaller number of doors at first and then more at a later date as need and/or budget permits. Other products such as Visitor Monitoring and Digital Surveillance can be added later.

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