Construction Works Starts on South Wales Metro

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Transport for Wales (TfW) will begin railway line transformational works next month and move ahead with plans for the South Wales Metro, a recent news report in the local business media has been able to suggest.

The initiative will open a range of job, business, education and other opportunities for both people and businesses in the area.

As part of its £750m investment in the Metro, which includes £164 of European Regional Development Funding through the Welsh Government, TfW will begin works on 3 August.

James Price, TfW chief executive, said: “This is a once-in-a-generation project and through building the South Wales Metro we hope to help regenerate the economy in Wales especially as we enter the Covid-19 recovery phase.

“We now have significant physical infrastructure work to do to overhaul our rail network which was largely built in the Victorian era, to get it ready for our new faster, greener and more frequent train service.”

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