Contactless smart card readers make businesses secure

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Federation of Small Businesses Wales The Federation of Small Businesses Wales said that its own research indicated that two thirds of small businesses have been a victim of crime costing them up to £3,000. Welsh policy chair for the FSB, Janet Jones, said: “The Government needs to step up and engage with this important sector of the community. It is paramount that the Government sets out the right local agenda to protect these firms. We cannot watch small businesses being repeatedly victimised and as a result forced to close. Businesses need to be encouraged to report crime as soon as it happens.”

For an outlay usually fewer than £3,000, systems from Access Control Wales use smart card technology to increase your building, site or office security. The system can be used for small or multi site companies and will control most standard types of internal or external electronic, magnetic door locks or releases. Smart card readers are located out of sight. There is no need to remove your ID badge from a wallet or purse to use it, so you can imagine how quicker this is than fumbling for a swipe card.

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