Control any entry point on your network

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charges Colwyn carparkColwyn Bay customers say fees at a town centre car park are driving shoppers away and could damage businesses. Town Mayor Hazel Meredith said of the charges: “It is very sad because people use the car park an awful lot,” continuing: “It is going to have a devastating effect on the town.” Cllr Meredith also said that roadside parking restrictions had affected customers. She said: “I was told of one incident when one of the shopkeepers had a sale, and of course the time limit is not long enough to let people browse and buy. People were having to go out and move their cars.”

A parking access control system from Access Control Wales is ideal for your office or factory car park, and can control most standard types of external electronic door locks and releases. It means you are given total control over who is allowed access through any entry point on your network, at any time of the day. Tensor smart cards and key fobs can be used to operate your barrier system. The proximity read method of the cards and fobs means that they will never wear out.

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