Control movement and identification of prison visitors and store data for future reference

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absconded from Prescoed jail control movement and identification of visitors A man has absconded from Prescoed jail. Police are attempting to track 27 year old Leon Passmore who has failed to return to the open prison near Usk. Gwent Police say he is dangerous, so people should call the force instead of approaching him. Passmore, who was due to return to the prison on Monday (April 4), was convicted and sentenced at Swansea Crown Court in April 2009.

Smooth and efficient access is provided by a prison monitoring system which is a version of Access Control Wales and our partners Tensor’s comprehensive Visitor Monitoring and Access Control networks. It allows you to control the movement and identification of contractors, visitors, and their vehicles. Data on the system can be stored for future reference or exported to other compatible databases. Additional surveillance equipment can be combined with your visitor monitoring system, such as digital CCTV and automatic number plate recognition devices. Our systems have been successfully installed by our security vetted engineers in a number of institutions within the HM Prison Service.

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