Deploying Access Control in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

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Deploying access control solutions is an extremely important element in the electronics manufacturing industry, due to the very sensitive nature of the products within. This is certainly something to be considered by any company that plans to open such a manufacturing facility, such as this Newtown-based electronics firm that has moved all production from China to its primary manufacturing site in Wales and created 44 new jobs as a result.

Control Techniques’ plans have been supported with £60,000 from the Welsh Government and means its general purpose drives are now being designed and produced at its site in Newtown, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

The company, which is part of Nidec – the world’s biggest manufacturer of motors – employs 383 staff in mid-Wales.

The 44 new jobs have been created after a production facility was transported by road and rail from China.

The move is key in ramping up production in Mid Wales with 1,200 drives set to be made every day to meet global demand.

Martyn Cray, vice president of operations for Control Techniques, said: “By successfully bringing production of our Commander drives back to Wales, we have proven there is both the expertise and capability to operate a project of this magnitude here in Wales.

“Our in-house operations and supply chain teams worked tirelessly to deliver the project, on time and within budget, and we can now look forward to substantial cost savings along with the creation of new employment here in Newtown.”

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