Each entry point has customised access control profile

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Crime in South WalesCrime has fallen by 12 per cent in South Wales as forecasts of a crime wave fuelled by the recession failed to materialise. New figures from the Home Office’s 2009/10 British Crime Survey have shown that there were nearly 14,000 fewer victims of crime in South Wales. The statistics revealed robbery was reduced by a quarter, and home burglary was down 16%. Figures overall for England and Wales were down from 10.5 million to 9.6 million, a drop of nine per cent.

Despite the fall, there are still a huge number of crimes committed every day in South Wales, and the best way to keep the thieves out is to protect your premises with an Access Control Wales smart card access control network. Each entry point has a customisable access control profile, and the smart card is automatically read as soon as you present it to the scanner. Across the range of systems are features such as: real-time monitoring of doors left open, diagrammatically illustrated on an overlay plan of your actual site; and photographic recognition and checking of employees and visitors.

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