Employees assigned individual security profiles with separate rules for shutdown days

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jail inmates Prison Officers' Association Access Control Wales individual security profiles employee department separate rules each day of the week shutdown days access patternsA Welsh jail was criticised for bussing inmates as casual labour. It was “immoral” for any company to rely on cheap labour, said Steve Gillan, general secretary of the Prison Officers’ Association. He added: “Some employers must be rubbing their hands and the shareholders laughing all the way to the bank.” The firm involved using Prescoed inmates replied: “Becoming Green are proud that they along with other national and multinational corporations are taking on this responsibility to support the rehabilitation and resettlement of offenders.”

Access Control Wales systems create individual security profiles based upon the person’s Access Group. Each employee is assigned to an Access Group, either unique to them or common to their department. Access groups consist of separate rules for each day of the week and public holidays and shutdown days. These separate daily rules are known as Access Patterns. These Access patterns dictate what a person can do at different times through the day that the pattern is applied to.

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