Enhanced Security and Access Control Should be a Must for Medical-Grade Equipment Manufacturers

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Installing a secure and reliable access control system capable of perfectly streamlining access and isolating various zones based on specific access rights should be a must for any manufacturer of medical-grade equipment, such as newly announced medical-grade mask making facility announced by Hardshell.

According to a news report in the local media, the company has invested £1.5m to develop the facility in Wales, which is set to provide more than 40 new jobs.

Life Sciences Hub Wales has supported Hardshell, a specialist in the production of protective defensive equipment such as body armour and demining suits, to secure product certifications that will allow it to become the first in the UK to produce medical-grade face masks for use by the NHS.

Life Sciences Hub Wales has been appointed by Welsh Government to manage all initial enquiries and offers of support from businesses on behalf of NHS Wales.

The approximately 16,000 sq ft Cardiff facility will be dedicated to manufacturing a full range of PPE, covering everything from single-use surgical masks to reusable face masks. The range includes Type IIR, FFP2 and FFP3 respirators. It will be capable of producing 300,000 respirators and 1.5 million masks a week.

Hardshell chief executive Anil Kant said: “As a defensive equipment manufacturer, we specialise in making protective equipment and body armour that saves lives in areas of combat. We wanted to build upon this legacy and help protect those people working on the new frontline in the fight against Covid-19.

“Due to the global pandemic, PPE has been in high demand, with many countries understandably taking control of their own domestic supplies, leaving a shortage of products for the UK. We wanted to do something about this and chose to invest in our business to produce masks and respirators in-house here in the UK, using materials all manufactured in the UK.”

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