Fire roll call software activates building warning system in an emergency

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Swansea City Waste Disposal Environment Agency Fire Roll Call Software Access Control Wales security products safety of employees emergency smart card key fob warning systemSwansea City Waste Disposal said it had made improvements and planned to do more at a landfill site that was criticised by inspectors. After visiting the Tir John site the Environment Agency Wales reported that it found rubbish over a gas pipe, which could have been ruptured by machinery. It said: “Had the placement of the wastes, which was placed using a large excavator, ruptured the gas main then this could in turn have caused a serious incident at the site (eg explosion/fire).”

Access Control Wales’s security products have safety of employees and visitors in mind. The access control devices such as smart card stations can be integrated with fire roll call software that will automatically generate a report in the event of a fire or other emergency. Staff simply log themselves on and off site using either a smart card or key fob. In the event of an emergency, the fire roll call software annunciates the emergency whilst simultaneously activating your existing warning system.

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