Flexible barrier skirts offer deterrence of a gate at a much lower cost

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Bala Gwynedd robbery crime Plasey Street Detectives Access Control Wales corporate outdoor locations Barrier Skirts pedestrians company car park automatic barrier deterrent gate RAL colour A Bala in Gwynedd woman was hurt in a night-time robbery. The crime occurred in Plasey Street between 23:30 BST on Wednesday and 00:30 BST Thursday of last week. Detectives said they were keen to speak to anyone who may have seen any “suspicious activity”. A police statement added: “This type of crime is a very rare event in north Wales and I would like to reassure the community of Bala that we will pursue the offenders with vigour.”

Using technology from our associates, Access Control Wales can prevent crime in corporate outdoor locations. For example, Barrier Skirts are ideal for preventing pedestrians from walking underneath your company’s car park automatic barrier. Barrier skirts offer the flexibility of a rising arm automatic barrier and the deterrent of a gate, but at a much lower cost. They are available in any RAL colour as a special order at low prices. Your barrier skirt can also be fitted to most manual barriers of varying boom lengths.

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