Free access control software upgrades to those with maintenance contracts

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police cuts timetable in Wales The police cuts timetable in England and Wales needs a rethink since it makes it hard to protect front-line services, says the Association of Police Authorities (APA). Budgeting measures over the next four years are due to start with 8% reductions in 2012-13, and a phasing-down in the years after that. The APA says "a sensible, realistic approach is necessary to realise the savings objectives and avoid long-term damage to policing capability". It added that the existing cuts timetable will result in fewer community support officers.

An easy to use Access Control Wales smart card based system, from simple door and registration point control through to a fully computerised global network, protects your business premises. WinACnet software creates alarm messages when predetermined actions take place, or if a forced entry occurs. These alarms are immediately emailed to a specified address. Optionally a warning email can be sent if communications to the PC are lost. Free software upgrades to those with maintenance contracts means the system is always up to date.

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