High security fingerprint reader reduces number of passwords required to control building access

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elected police high crime levels in Gwent Access Control Wales software controlling access to buildingsThose against plans to scrap police authorities and replace them with elected police and crime commissioners cited the evidence of high crime levels in Gwent. Wrexham councillor Malcolm King said: “Because it is such a huge change no one knows how it is going to affect crime levels and there is no evidence being presented from the Government as to what might happen as a result.” The Gwent region is among the worst in the UK for criminal damage.

With Access Control Wales software you can be assured that you will receive a simple to use, highly secure way of controlling access to areas or buildings, as well as monitoring who is present 24 hours a day. Higher security two-factor authentication and biometric technology is available in the form of the T4251 USB Biometric Scanner. This is a high security fingerprint reader that plugs into the USB port of a PC. The T4251 fingerprint reader increases security while reducing the number of passwords you require.

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