Integrated Access Control and Identity Management Systems Can Help Limit the Spread of COVID-19

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Integrated access control and identity management systems, whose purpose is to sync the identity management of employees and their physical access privileges, can be put to very good work and help limit the spread of COVID-19, experts in this sector have argued.

By using an integrated system, HR and security departments can manage employee access rights from anywhere, even across multiple offices with a single credential, while also tracking activity for personnel remotely.

Should an employee or visitor be later diagnosed with COVID-19, businesses can run audits of access history to determine when the infected individual entered a location and who was there concurrently, invaluable insight to help limit the disease’s spread.

A related circumstance that will make the integration of cloud-based access control and identity management even more important for HR professionals is an anticipated increase in staff reductions. Economic uncertainty is forcing businesses to consider downsizing and when these plans are executed, HR leaders benefit from immediate (and remote) revocation of access rights as impacted individuals are removed from an HR system. This automated security step, helps mitigate potential workplace violence issues from disgruntled employees.

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