Integrated access control hardware and software increases business security

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Businesses and individuals from North Wales attended a briefing on e-crimeBusinesses and individuals from North Wales attended a briefing on e-crime, with various experts speaking about how criminal activity has evolved and used facts to illustrate the dangers businesses face. Andrea Barnard, North Wales Police’s e-Crime Business Liaison Officer, said: “The need for vigilance has never been greater.” She added: “The initial feedback from the briefing has been very positive and those who attended will certainly have benefited from the advice.”

Applying Access Control systems to your business is simple with Access Control Wales. An access control system is incomplete or inefficient without reliable and usable software which monitors movement of the integrated hardware and mechanical components. Software requires verification through the database connections for the mechanical components to act accordingly. For example, a person with an expired Smart Card can gain access through the access point without incorporating with access control software. If the software is integrated the person will be blocked at the access point and thus, increase the overall security of the organisation.

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