Movement monitoring can be combined in premises access control system

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arrest arson Newport Malpas Maindee Duffryn Cwmbran company Access Control Wales Movement monitoring illegal activity identified digital CCTV cameras viewed PC monitorAn arrest has been made on suspicion of arson following a bus depot fire at Newport. The alarm was raised at 02:55 GMT on Monday last week at the premises on Corporation Road. Firefighters from Malpas, Maindee and Duffryn were called, along with a water bowser from Cwmbran. South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said they took just under an hour to deal with the blaze. Three buses and a training vehicle were lost in the incident on Corporation Road.

If your company is concerned about securing your premises then Access Control Wales has many answers. Movement monitoring can be combined in one of our access control systems so any illegal activity can be identified and acted upon. A host of digital CCTV cameras can be viewed from one PC monitor. Many cameras can be added to your CCTV installation to ensure that your needs are met. We use a range of devices and accessories from top manufacturers and can uniquely customise your CCTV system.

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