Multi-card systems and streamlining building access control

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One of the most important problems brought about by the prevalence of access restriction solutions in the office environment is that many office workers are forced to carry multiple keycards or fobs. They may travel to multiple offices, have special access cards for restricted areas, or work in buildings where common areas run by landlords and individual tenant companies have different systems. Whatever the reason, it’s inconvenient for workers to have to use and keep track of multiple cards and fobs.

This problem is prevalent in Class A office buildings, most of which have a lobby keycard system and may have separate keycards for amenities such as a parking garage, daycare or gym.

One of the most readily-available solutions to the aforementioned problem is backend integration. This process involves using middleware and APIs running on Virtual Machines (VMs) to tie multiple access control systems together. About one-third of Class A building tenants seem to favour this route, while others prefer a smartphone-based approach.

In a smartphone-based system, building facilities managers install inexpensive readers that recognize the mobile credential. Employees don’t even have to remove their phones from their pockets or bag. These systems can co-exist with legacy keycard systems, giving companies the option to use both and to transition gradually from one to the other.

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