No limit on the number of employees registered to site access control system

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Chief Constable Jon Murphy crime in England and Wales down site access control systemTotal incidents of crime in England and Wales went down from 9.8 million to 9.5 million last year. Chief Constable Jon Murphy, the head of crime for the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), said of the figures in comparison to 2009 are showing “that the risk of being a victim of crime remains at a 30-year low, and downward trends continue for most offence categories." He added: "We remain accountable to our mission to keep people safe from harm."

Access Control Wales offers two dedicated systems, Access Lite.NET and Enterprise.NET, depending on the size of your business. Your access control system is completely bespoke and can be used to control most standard types of internal and external electro-magnetic door releases. In addition, your system can also control access control turnstiles, barriers and bollards. Operated by contactless smart cards, your site access control system is able to efficiently expand as your needs change. Suitable for any organisation, there is no limit on the number of employees registered.

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