Office security systems incorporate movement monitoring technology

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road safety partnership Access Control Wales security systems offices movement monitoring digital CCTV technology footage accredited engineering staffApproximately one in six speed cameras are digital in Wales, it has been revealed this week. Cameras using photographic film that is digital operate for longer; while Wales has 144 standard film cameras and 27 digital ones. The road safety partnership says it has no plans to increase this number in over the next year. Motoring organisations observed that digital speed cameras were more efficient than traditional ones that actually stop when the film runs out.

Access Control Wales fit access control security systems for offices that can incorporate movement monitoring digital CCTV technology. This will ensure evidence quality footage on your network which will be fitted by our fully accredited engineering staff. A range of cameras can be added to your CCTV installation. Access Control Wales uses a range of devices and accessories from top manufacturers and can uniquely fit your CCTV system around your requirements. Contact us now to find out how we can meet your CCTV needs.

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