One access control unit can support up to 12 door scanners to protect sites

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steel stolen Organised crime is profiting from mass thefts of everyday items such as aluminium beer kegs because of a booming illicit trade in stolen steel. Detective Chief Inspector Alex McGuire of the British Transport Police said of this trend: "The conservative estimate is that it costs UK businesses about £770million a year.” He added: "There have been incidents around the country in which homes, businesses and even hospitals have suffered power cuts and surges as a result of criminals stealing copper from power substations."

Access Control Wales software is the latest in our proven range of Windows™ based products which effectively protect your premises. Access Control profiles are easily created or customised to suit your particular site, and can be varied minute-by-minute. The Access Lite single user edition can operate a maximum of four clocking stations and record employee information for up to 250 people. This edition links to our time & attendance application software. One T8440 unit can support up to 12 door scanners.

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