PC regime allows the movement and identification of prison visitors to be controlled

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prisons in Wales crime Merthyr Tydfil Prison Service Pass automated smart card door entry access control systems prison monitoring visitorsClaims are that prisons in Wales are becoming ‘colleges of crime’ due to the increase in young offenders in certain areas. Merthyr Tydfil youths are more likely to be imprisoned than those living in Manchester and inner-city areas of London such as Hackney, Southwark and Lambeth. The Prison Reform Trust commented about the town: “One look at the unacceptably high reconviction rates for this age group reveals that, too often, prison acts as a college of crime.”

Access Control Wales includes the HM Prison Service Pass as well as our automated smart card door entry access control systems for offices and sites. Smooth and efficient access is provided by your prison monitoring system, while maintaining complete security and allowing you to control the movement and identification of contractors, visitors, and their vehicles. It is a low cost set-up that operates via a PC. Our systems have been successfully installed by our security vetted engineers in a number of institutions within the HM Prison Service.

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