Protect yard area using gates that adhere to strict security standards

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Metal thieves Bargoed Park Gwent police Access Control Wales secure yard or site using barriers prevent unauthorised access turnstiles gates strict security standards smart card access control pointMetal thieves have struck again in Wales, this time at the entrance pillars at Bargoed Park in two different attacks. Various plaques were taken, one incident taking place on a Monday evening recently and others in midweek. Two of the plaques have distinctive features. One shows an image of Morgan Jones MP along with information about him and his ties to the area. Gwent police have put officers on patrol in the area.

Access Control Wales can help secure your yard or site using barriers. The key role of gates and barriers is to prevent unauthorised access whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those who do have authorised access to your site. Our turnstiles, barriers and gates (a sliding one is pictured as an example), adhere to strict security standards. They can cope with severe operating conditions and need no routine maintenance. Working alongside our smart card and access control products, your gate can be used to monitor the throughput of an access control point.

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