Reception is notified when a swiped visitor pass has irregularities

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robbery Cwmbwrla Clase Mayhill prison Access Control Wales Visitor Management technology employees access privileges intruders controls records and monitors the arrivals and departures of organisation contractors A man who was involved in a robbery on a bookmakers in Cwmbwrla is back behind bars. Leon Passmore, who was living in Maytree Close, Clase, at the time of the robbery, was originally jailed along with Carlton Blackwell, of Emlyn Road, Mayhill, for the raid on the premises in the Swansea area more than four years ago. However Passmore went missing when he was let out of prison on licence, but was soon caught after a manhunt.

Access Control Wales supplies Access Control and Visitor Management technology which is simple to use for employees who have access privileges while keeping out intruders. A Visitor Management System (VMS) controls, records and monitors the arrivals and departures of an organisation’s visitors and contractors. Network based advance booking and pre-booking of visitors/contractors plus instant scanning, storage and retrieval of crucial documentation are just some of the features of VMS. Reception is notified whenever a pass is swiped that is out-of-date or has other irregularities.

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