Scitech Engineering comes to Cardiff

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 20 more jobs have come to Cardiff, after support from the government enabled Scitech Engineering, an engineering and construction company, to place its new office here. 

Scitech Engineering was established in 2002. It provides design, engineering, construction and validation services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They are no stranger to growth, with a turnover of 18m and over 130 employees. This move was prompted by a recent “growth spurt” in its client list, along the M4 and M5 corridors and within South Wales. 
Their new office in Cardiff Gate was partly made possible by the Welsh government’s generous offer of financial support over three years.
Economy secretary, Ken Skates said: "I am delighted that following an offer of Welsh Government support, Scitech has chosen Cardiff as the location for its new office, bringing with it 20 highly skilled and well paid jobs.
"As set out in my Economic Action Plan, these are exactly the types of jobs we are keen to attract to Wales in order to future proof our economy and build the strong foundations that we need to ensure inclusive economic growth."
Dave Grant, managing director at Scitech, said: "Welsh Government financial initiatives and support have been a key driver for Scitech to locate in the region.  When assessed against other locations, the interest and confidence shown in Scitech by the Welsh Government team provided the motivation to commit to a Wales-based site for our expansion."
David Jackson, chairman and director at Scitech, added: "We are excited by the opportunities that our new office in Cardiff is already bringing.  We are grateful to Welsh Government and to Cardiff Council’s Economic Development Team who have been invaluable in our evaluation of Wales and in particular selecting Cardiff for locating our latest office in Scitech’s continued expansion. 
"The support of both partners continues today to ensure our investment is successful and we look forward to a thriving future in Wales."
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