Security software creates alarm messages if a forced entry occurs at a premises

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Councils Wales rise in metal thefts Caerphilly Access Control proximity read smart card technology alarm messagesCouncils in Wales have been hit by a huge rise in metal thefts which are costing already under-strain council coffers thousands of pounds. For example between 2007/08 and 2010/11 Caerphilly has seen the cost of metal thefts jump from £1,025 to £129,766. Other items were also stolen but their value is unknown. Caerphilly council had to spend £70,000 to replace stolen metal bins and £50,000 for manhole covers. Thieves have been attracted by rising prices for scrap metal.

Access Control systems from Access Control Wales use proximity read smart card technology to increase your building security. The system will control your car park barriers, site entrances, doors or almost any other mechanism that provides physical security. The easy to use Access Control software called WinACnet creates alarm messages when predetermined actions take place, or if a forced entry occurs. These alarms are immediately emailed to a specified address. Optionally a warning email can be sent if communications to the PC are lost.

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