Sensitive commercial areas can be denied to those who do not have appropriate security clearance

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Mark Polin North Wales Police chief Access Control Wales door control systems commercial sites Sensitive dangerous areas denied to those who do not have appropriate security clearance“Last week a 999 call came in from someone wanting directions to a KFC,” said Mark Polin, the North Wales Police chief, about ways of improving rural coverage in areas like Tywyn and Pwllheli. The chief constable added that changes to the force have been going well but need more work in some areas. Mr Polin also said: “Let’s be clear here, in terms of spreading ourselves thinly. We’ve lost 131 officers as of today, and 112 police staff.”

Access Control Wales specialises in door control systems for commercial sites and corporate buildings. Access control systems include extra software to enable you to easily add and edit profile settings to all registered hardware equipment attached to your company’s network of equipment. With the network, you can control most standard types of internal and external electro-magnetic door releases, providing access from either visible or hidden scanners. Sensitive or dangerous areas can easily be denied to those who do not have the appropriate security clearance.

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