Single door access controllers work side by side within same security network

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North Wales Police Hallowe’en criminal damage Access Control systems Access Control Wales smart card technology office or site security computer controlled infrastructure networkNorth Wales Police is urging those across Wales to act responsibly over Hallowe’en. Shopkeepers are encouraged not to sell flour and eggs to children in the run up to Hallowe’en and school community police officers will be talking to young people about how their behaviour affects others. Police and rescue services gave out safety advice which includes: Stay in areas that are well lit; and that throwing eggs and flour at property is criminal damage.

Access Control systems from Access Control Wales use smart card technology to increase office or site security. Our easy to use Access Control Hardware can be networked together to create a powerful computer controlled security infrastructure. The T3510 controllers can be configured in many different arrangements, controlling a smaller number of doors at first and then more at a later date as need and/or budget allows. As the security network grows and requires more control points, further T3510’s are installed, working side by side within the same network in a ‘building block’ approach.

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