Smart card access control handles sliding gates

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100 kilometre long traffic jam Due to roadworks, a 100 kilometre long traffic jam has developed in the Chinese capital, and with no end in sight, warnings have been issued that the problem could continue for a month. It is hoped the roadworks in Beijing will be completed by the end of September, but congestion and road safety are huge issues for motorists in China. Traffic jams have been frequent since May due to the rapid increase of trucks to a daily peak of about 17,000.

The parking facilities at your business will function like clockwork thanks to Access Control Wales’s smart card access control network which can handle automatic car park barriers, sliding gates and shutter bars. Seamless interfacing to our other systems of Attendance Monitoring, Visitor Control and Personnel is possible with our modular systems, where employees quickly and simply enter via the cards or key fobs. Features on our automatic car park barriers include a white exterior grade powder coat. There are optional extras, for instance: a folding arm mechanism, an impact release mechanism and hanging racks or barrier skirts.

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