Smart card access network allows for swift exit in an evacuation

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fire Glandwr industrial estate Aberbeeg St Illtyd's Primary Access Control Wales network smart card reader door control entry and exit accurate Fire Roll Call register break glass unit emergency.A fire at Glandwr industrial estate near Aberbeeg which began early on Tuesday morning closed a school, St Illtyd’s Primary in Llanhilleth. Ritchie O’Connell of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: “The local primary school has been closed by the Blaenau Gwent emergency planning officer. The fire’s under control now, it’s not going to escalate at all. We will be on scene for, I anticipate, another five or six hours.”

Under an Access Control Wales network a single smart card reader can be used to gain entry to a door and a push button is used to exit. The T3511 Low Cost 1 Scanner Controller can be used with two Smart Card readers to control entry and exit. This gives better management control as the T3511 can differentiate which reader was used so you know who is left in the building. This is essential for producing an accurate Fire Roll Call register. A break glass unit unlocks the door, from the inside, in an emergency.

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