Smart card scanners block those who carry fake ID

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ID fraud Wales ChirkAccess Control Wales can tackle one of the quickest-growing criminal operating methods, identity fraud. One of the many cases standing trial in the summer is that of defendant Georgina Sharon Murphy, of Pen y Waun in Chirk, who denied all 10 charges against her that she took on the identity of Gail Jones, born in May 1957, who died many years ago. It was alleged that she “falsified accounting documents, namely a National Insurance number,” among other accusations. Gangs will also target companies they think are ‘soft touches’ – one method is already costing industry more than £50m a year. Do not let your firm become the latest victim.

Access Control Wales uses smart card scanning technology to foil fraudsters who carry fake ID. The T340x series of high speed access control clocking stations will scan your access control card. By simply presenting your smart card to within 100mm to 150mm of the smart card scanner it is automatically read, even if the smart card is inside a wallet or purse; while unauthorised ID will be blocked.

Each attempted access on a scanner is logged within the access control software. In addition, they can be combined with biometric access control scanners, for maximum security points, enabling you to mix fingerprint reading and non-fingerprint reading access control on the same security network.

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