T3510 scanner provides a platform for security infrastructure

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Telecoms stolen wire BTAs a result of rising thefts of copper wire contained in the local telecoms network, BT have launched a campaign focused on those criminals taking cables for their valuable copper content – this includes a chemical dye that stains those who steal. SmartWater is an invisible solution which forensically stays on the skin for a period of 60 days, and has led to hundreds more arrests.

Access Control Wales provides easy to use hardware, and the T351x range serves as the ultimate smart card access control units for doors, car park barriers and turnstiles. Our Access controllers can be networked together to create a powerful computer controlled security infrastructure, which is ideal for firms with large factories, multiple sites or remote depots. The T3510 scanner can be configured in many different arrangements, so as the security network grows and requires more control points, further T3510’s are installed, working side by side within the same network. Installing a T3510 provides a platform for installing other Tensor products such as Visitor Monitoring, Automatic Number Plate recognition and Digital CCTV.

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