Ten thousand card holders on one PC is smart Cardiff move

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smart card parking CardiffCardiff council will now regulate illegal parking and issue tickets and fines. The cost of parking fines will also go up – from £30 to £70 or £50 – in a bid to clampdown on illegal parking in residential areas. The changes follow a survey answered by 4,500 people, where more than half said illegal parking affected their journeys around Cardiff. The survey also found 71% of respondents believed illegal parking was a problem on the main traffic and bus routes into the city. Cardiff council said it hoped to improve access for pedestrians and disabled road-users by enforcing parking restrictions like yellow lines and signs on residential streets.

Another successful method of access control is available from Access Control Wales, the leading providers of smart card and biometric systems and software for both large and small companies. With the latest .NET PC based software linked together, you can control up to 128 doors from one PC and the system holds details on up to 10,000 smart card holders. The ultimate modular smart card system, you can use it to control access for vehicles as well as personnel.

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